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Sildie is a provider of cutting-edge foiling and embossing dies and systems.

At Sildie, we take pride in being a prominent industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of state-of-the-art foiling and embossing dies, as well as fast setup systems and make-ready products tailored for the print finishing and packaging sectors worldwide.

With a wealth of expertise accumulated over several decades, Sildie is committed to delivering solutions that guarantee optimal productivity. Our innovative systems and products have been meticulously crafted to facilitate swift and precise setup processes while consistently upholding the highest standards of quality, speed, and repeatability.

Choose Sildie for unrivalled performance and efficiency in your foiling and embossing operations. Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge innovations today.



Braille Embossing Dies

Foiling Dies

Spark Erosion Electrodes

Silicone Rubber Dies

Embossing Dies & Counterforces

Fastset Magnetic Bed Embossing System


             Magnetic Bed Embossing System

Fastset logo_edited.png

The Patented Fastset System is produced for separate pass embossing as a magnetic machine bed, with grid locking and grid reference for extremely fast & accurate positioning of embossing dies.

It is also now being manufactured within a

Rayform cut & crease die to enable fast setup and changeover of dies, as well as giving height adjustment whilst maintaining die position for subsequent runs.




Telephone: 01376 512015


Unit C, Europa Business Park, Croft Way, Eastways Industrial Estate, Witham


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