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Braille Embossing Dies

SilDie is a pioneering manufacturer of Braille tooling for the pharmaceutical industry, with a track record of continuous innovation spanning 25 years. Through extensive research and development, we have brought countless innovations to the industry, including the revolutionary "non-bursting" Braille tooling. This technology enables users to achieve accurate dot heights on the first pull, across the entire sheet, without any possibility of bursting. With our tooling, users can be confident in achieving uniform and precise dots throughout the material.

Our non-bursting format has set the industry standard, with other die manufacturers following our lead. In addition to producing the best High Definition Braille embossing tooling, we offer a range of counterforces to aid rapid setup. These include magnetic counterforces, slide fit counterforces, and click fit counterforces.


Our magnetic counterforces can be easily removed and replaced, allowing multiple jobs to be run using the same thin plate and pertinax counters, along with the original cutting die and universal female embosser. The counterforces are held in exact register with the corresponding die, eliminating the need for positioning. Alternatively, Slide fit counterforces have a recessed outer edge that quickly locates with the corresponding undercut in the pertinax counter. These counterforces can be removed and reused without damage, as they do not require taping down. Finally, click fit counterforces are mounted using tape within an aperture in the pertinax counter, ensuring exact alignment with the die.

All our Braille counterforces are manufactured from brass with solid dots, ensuring superior life and quality to pressed counterforces. At SilDie, we are committed to providing the most innovative and highest-quality Braille tooling solutions to meet our clients’ needs across a range of board including corrugate.

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