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Foiling Dies Flat & Contoured

Our top-quality Foiling Dies, both Flat and Contoured, are expertly crafted using the latest in CNC technology. With precision cutters of less than 10 microns radius, we ensure unparalleled accuracy and ultra-fine detail reproduction, making even the smallest lettering appear incredibly sharp.

Our dies can be produced in a wide variety of materials, including brass, aluminium, steel, magnesium, and hard aluminium. These materials can be shaped to accommodate a wide variety of 3D surfaces, ensuring a perfect fit to your product.


For foiling onto plastic surfaces, our high-quality silicone rubber dies flex to accommodate variations and shrinkage, avoiding the ‘burning in’ or missing of detail that an uneven surface may cause. Additionally, we offer precision fixtures that hold your components accurately in place during the foiling process, ensuring a perfect foiled finish every time.

At our facility, we utilize years of experience to offer advice and solutions coupled with cutting-edge technology to give you fast turnaround times and unbeatable quality on all our foiling dies.

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