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Silicone Rubber Dies

Sildie takes pride in its founding history, which stems from the groundbreaking work of Mr. Jack Cook. As a skilled engraver and innovator in the die manufacturing industry, Mr. Cook then spearheaded the production of premium silicone rubber dies in the United Kingdom. We continue to uphold his legacy by producing silicone rubber dies of the highest quality available in the world today.

Our dies are produced to cater to either flat or contoured surfaces. We utilize premium quality raw materials, constantly ensuring that they are the best available. Additionally, our dies are moulded from CNC machined moulds, giving us perfect control over the draft angle and form. This guarantees you will be getting the best die possible to produce a sharp defined surface print impression on plastic mouldings, even when dealing with material shrinkage that can

occasionally produce unevensurfaces on mouldings. Silcone rubber dies are flexible and can accommodate the variations associated with multi-cavity tools, avoiding ‘burning in’ or uneven coverage.

To enable optimum presentation of the component to the die we also produce support fixtures that hold the moulding in perfect position while supporting under the print area as needed. This enables a fast and accurate setup, resulting in excellent results with every impression.

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